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Fast production epoxies for lightweight automotive composites

News International-French

17 Aug 2015

State-of-the-art epoxy resin technologies from Hexion enable cost effective light-weighting and high build rates in the automotive industry via resin transfer and liquid compression moulding (RTM and LCM) processes. 

Composites provide the highest weight saving potential compared to steel or aluminium.

Hexion’s newest Epikote resin TRAC 06170 and Epikure curing agent TRAC 06170 system makes very short cycle times in RTM and LCM processing possible, down to less than 1 minute (see figure), and allows easy de-moulding. The system exhibits a low viscosity during infusion, fast glass transition temperature (Tg) development to above the moulding temperature and has good wetting and adhesion on carbon, glass or aramid fibres.

Hexion’s new, curable preform binder Epikote TRAC 06720 enables efficiencies in preforming. The preform binder was developed for demanding composite applications where stable and strong fibre preforms are needed, or where essentially no fibre deformation is acceptable before or during injection.

The resulting shorter matrix curing times and process optimization of combining these newest technologies can help reduce the part processing costs. Along with optimal utilization of composite properties by part design adjustment, more realistic safety factors and parts consolidation, these new resin products can continue to decrease the cost of composites in automotive manufacturing and beyond.

An article on the subject is on the agenda of the JEC Composites Magazine 99.

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