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Fiberglass composite bolts and nuts

News International-French

29 May 2015

FibreX range of bolts, nuts, studs & rods are manufactured by Composite Bolts and Nuts Sdn. Bhd, using a complex resin transfer technology which are available in standard vinyl ester & epoxy resin systems.

According to the company, FibreX range has advantages such as high shear, tensile strength, fire retardancy and self-extinguishing features, which are vital in many specialised industries. All FibreX products also have a UV inhibitor which provides resistance to ultraviolet degradation and increases corrosion protection, hence giving the product an extensive durability and increases the longevity.

FibreX products can be used for all structural, mechanical and electrical applications where fasteners must be corrosion resistant, non-conductive, fire retardant and self-extinguishing are critical.

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