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Fibermaq’s RTM machine is certified in accordance with NR-12

News International-French

13 Apr 2016

Fibermaq, a Brazilian company in equipment for composites molding, is the first company in its segment to be certified by NR-12, a standard of the Brazilian Ministry of Labor intended to increase the safety of operators of various types of machinery.

In general, the NR-12 determines that any danger zones, such as openings and passageways, must be enclosed. It also requires the installation of protections or fairings that prevent the operator’s access to moving parts, such as gears, pulleys, belts and motors.

The equipment certified in accordance with NR-12 was the RTM Evolution, an injection machine of resin used in the RTM process. “The assessment period for obtaining the NR-12 certification was relatively short, only three weeks, since the RTM Evolution project is quite recent and was designed in accordance with the standard,” said Christian de Andrade, director of Fibermaq. The Evolution family, consisting of spray-up, gelcoat and RTM machines, was launched in 2015. “The other items of this series will be certified in accordance with NR-12 by the end of this year.”