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Fibermaq estimates 20% growth in 2013

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22 Aug 2013

South American leader in equipment for molding composites and polyurethane, the Brazilian company Fibermaq closed the first half with 11% growth in sales when compared to the first half of 2012.

The positive phase, according to Christian Andrade, director, tends to remain until the end of the year, both as a result of the deals already closed and the pressure that the foreign exchange has been putting on competitors who provide imported machines.

"We hope to end the year with a result approximately 20% higher than that achieved in 2012,” he says. Spray-up machines, gelcoat application equipment, filament winding machines and adhesive PU injection equipment are the most popular products of Fibermaq at the moment.

This scenario, however, could still be better. Accounting for 70% of Fibermaq’s sales, the Brazilian composites market has been adversely affected by the reduction in profit margins – there have been successive increases in raw material costs since the beginning of the year. “Instead of purchasing new lines, many clients are choosing to replace parts and increase equipment life,” says Mirele Andrade, sister and partner of Christian. Both took control over the company after the recent death of its founder, José Batista de Andrade.

About Fibermaq:
Founded in 1978, in the city of São Paulo, Fibermaq is pioneer in manufacturing equipment for the processing of composites, polyurethane, epoxy and adhesives in general. During this period, over 3,000 spray-up machines, gelcoat application equipment, RTM injection and filament winding machines, among others, were sold by the company in Brazil and across Latin America.

Photo: Mirele and Christian Andrade, Fibermaq directors