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Fibermaq provides machine for the production of 3.2 m diameter tank

News International-French

11 Aug 2014

Brazilian manufacturer in equipment for composite molding, Fibermaq provided a filament winding machine for the production of tanks of up to 3.2 m diameters and 10 m length. This is the largest line for this type of process developed by the company.

Acquired by FY Equipamentos, the machine will start operating within 30 days. “The first tank will have 80 m³ capacity and will be used to store household waste,” said Márcio Magalhães, director.

Fibermaq has the capacity to produce even larger filament winding machines. According to Christian de Andrade, director, the equipment is able to produce up to 5 m diameter tanks. “It all depends on the project and the logistics for transporting the tanks to the places where they will be installed.”

Founded in 1978, in the city of São Paulo, Fibermaq is pioneer in manufacturing equipment for the processing of composites, polyurethane, epoxy and adhesives in general. During this period, over 3,000 spray-up machines, gelcoat application equipment, RTM injection and filament winding machines, among others, were sold by the company in Brazil and across Latin America.