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Fibraforce AG new owner of award winning technology/IP portfolio of MD Fibertech Corp.

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8 Mar 2012

MD Fibertech Corporation’s award winning technology with its global IP portfolio for products and processes of a novel multiply textile fiber reinforcement material for Composite parts in a variety of filament Fibers, is now owned by the Swiss company Fibraforce AG.  

In 2010 MD Fibertech’s technology was noticed with the prestigious German:   


Innovation award for its outstanding innovation, recognized by a jury from Audi, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Opel and Porsche.  The technology was furthermore awarded with the 2011 ACE  award of the: 
The former MD or Multi-Directional technology will now be called Fibraforce technology and will be launched in 2013. 
In comparison with existing technologies for the production of  textiles for the manufacturing of composites, the Fibraforce  process for textiles offers significant advantages in production  output, quality and other cost benefits.


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