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Fibrelite expands its product portofolio with customized covers

News International-French

19 Jun 2013

Fibrelite now offers company logos and other brand markings on its composite covers.

Any style logo or other marking can be permanently molded into the upper surface of the cover in single or multiple colors. For additional brand or product identification, or to blend in with the color or layout of a facility, Fibrelite can mold its composite covers in nearly any color or combination of colors.

By introducing the pigment directly into the composite resin during the closed molding process, Fibrelite ensures that the color is not merely applied on the surface of the cover. Instead, the coloring is evenly and completely infused throughout the composite cover and will not fade or wear over time.

Customers such as electrical and energy utilities, convenience stores, resort hotels, colleges and universities have utilized Fibrelite’s molded marking and coloring process to identify underground systems in a unique and highly visible way. Fibrelite’s covers have improved the appearances of city streets, college campuses, sports arenas and even the interior spaces of corporate office buildings.

Customers are also using color as a quick and reliable method of identifying underground systems thereby providing maintenance or emergency personnel with more accurate information about any hazards or special conditions related to the underground infrastructure.