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Fibrelite launches F900 load rated retrofit trench cover

News International-French

29 Jan 2014

The benefit of using a retrofit system is that costly and time consuming installation is eliminated. There are no break outs of existing structures and no curing time resetting structures into concrete. In critical high trafficked areas this is a major advantage to the client. 

Fibrelite provides a lightweight alternative to traditionally used heavy concrete and metal access covers for areas imposing particularly high wheel loads such as aircraft pavements, taxiways of civil airports and dockyards.

The request for Fibrelite to provide F900 heavy duty trench covers initially came from a large dockyard in the South-East of England. Their work inspectors were exploring replacement options for extremely heavy and corroding steel covers that had been installed years earlier, these extremely heavy covers required a crane and dedicated lifting equipment, which incurred a financial cost with equipment and manpower to lift the covers every time the ships come into dock.

These lightweight composite access covers can be used for a multitude of applications: from ports and dockyards, industrial facilities, airports, HGV loading areas and also power stations for example. No other covering system matches its easy lift, skid resistant or load carrying properties.

The Fibrelite manufacturing process uses multi-axial E glass fibre and a specially formulated resin matrix. The basic principle of this methodology is to dissipate load in the most effective way possible - something in which Fibrelite surpasses all competition.

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