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FID/RTLS for management of valuable composite assets

News International-French

5 Nov 2012

JEC Americas 2012 - Plataine’s TPO (Total Production Optimization) Material & Asset Tracker (MAT) is an RFID/RTLS-based solution enabling real-time visibility and management of critical high-value mobile composite assets such as kits and raw material rolls, tools and lay-up moulds.

TPO provides a real-time dashboard and reports by capturing electronic data from RFID tags attached to assets, such as current location, temperature and motion. TPO also alerts the relevant personnel when assets reach quality or production thresholds which could result in delays, such as temperature, shelf-life, asset tampering and unauthorized movement. The Alert Notification Options include alert notification 24/7 to the right responder regardless of the responders’ location. Due to its total optimization, MAT is the most cost-effective way to protect expensive and critical assets in challenging, indoor/outdoor manufacturing environments. It seamlessly integrates with Plataine's FabricOptimizer® and Scheduling application, creating an end-to-end production optimization solution. MAT is also cost-effectively scaled, enabling various resolutions of visibility, including zonal, room and sub-room resolution. This solution utilizes battery-powered, triple-technology RF/IR/LF tags affixed to the assets and a fixed Ethernet/Wi-Fi compatible infrastructure comprised of RTLS RF readers, IR readers and LF exciters strategically installed throughout the facility and managed by the MAT software.


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