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Fire resistant resin for injection HL2

News International-French

3 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - The new fire resistant system composed of resin Polyfire SPI IFR2800 and gel coat Polyfire IFR R series is approved by the regulation of the railway market. 

HL2 in accordance with the European standard EN 45.545 (R1, R7,R17 requirements).Mainly available for infusion process, in combination with multi axial fabrics, it allows to obtain lightweight and high performance composite parts.

This special intumescent system is lightly filled (lower density compared to filled systems) with a low viscosity.

It also be used with 100% glass RTM light fabrics.

The company also presents their range of gelcoats:
- GCIG EPX Series : iso NPG gelcoat for epoxy bonding in all colors.
- GCI LE series : pur isophtalic gelcoat with very low styren content (12 to 15%) with a high UV resistance.

More information:
Booth: Hall 6 / N19