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A fire retardant epoxy system for infusion technologies

News International-French

17 Sep 2015

Sicomin, a formulator and supplier of technically superior, high strength epoxy solutions, is introducing a fire retardant epoxy system formulated specifically for infusion technologies, SR 1125.

This advanced self-extinguishing product is destined for the composites market as it can be processed by an infusion method unlike classic fire retardant epoxies that must be applied through hand lamination.

SR 1125 features a low viscosity which ensures a steady, predictable and consistent resin flow. Thanks to this unique formulation, SR 1125 can pass through reinforcement fabrics without filtering the active fire retardant materials nor obstructing the infusion process.

SR 1125 has been developed by Sicomin predominately for large part production in the civil construction and rail markets where high quality components, fire resistance and excellent mechanical properties are essential.

As infusion processing methods are not suitable for every customer’s requirements, Sicomin is also launching SR 1124 - a fire retardant hand laminating epoxy that also offers low viscosity and excellent wet out properties.

Both SR 1125 infusion and SR 1124 hand laminating systems have achieved the ASTM E84 Class A fire safety accreditation when used in combination with Sicomin’ s SC FW16 paint or SGi 128 epoxy gel-coat.

Sicomin will be showcasing these fire retardant systems at Composites Europe 2015.

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