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A fishing boat which only weighs 40kg

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30 Dec 2014

The Australian company Enlightened Boating using DIAB’s Divinycell to manufacture its super-light and super-fast EzyTopper boat.

The EzyTopper is a small fishing boat, traditionally made in aluminum, which user easily can put on top of your car or camper. Aluminum structures offer excellent corrosion resistance and can last for decades without paint protection. They are also strong durable. Still, weight can be a concern, especially if you have a smaller car or a van.

That is why John Hall, Managing Director at Enlightened Boating, based in Queensland, Australia, started to manufacture fiberglass over sandwich core hulls. Enlightened Boating offers two different brands of lightweight infused core boats – the smaller EzyTopper and the slightly larger CrossXCountry, which requires a trailer. The EzyTopper is available in four sizes: 3.0 and 3.7 meter Barra as well as 3.7 & 4.1 Vee hull design. The 3-meter boat weighs only 40 kg, so it is possible for just one person to load it on top of a vehicle.

Low weight, low production cost
The bearable lightness of EzyTopper is the result of a state-of-the-art infusion process.

John Hall says that Diab Divinycell offers the best core finishes for infusion and that they need the lightest patterns. That saves us not only weight but also cost, as we minimize the use of resin.

The benefits of sandwich composite
The composite construction brings other advantages as well. As fishing rig, the EzyTopper can do anything a similar sized aluminum boat might do, yet with the advantage of being totally unsinkable, thanks to the sealed construction. It also offers incredible performance with low horsepower, which means substantial fuel savings and benefits the environment. The sandwich core used throughout the hull makes the boat very quiet at rest and under way. Not to mention that if you need to repair one of these boats, all you need is a surfboard repair kit.

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