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Five rivers metroparks installs fiberspan trail bridge

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12 Mar 2014

Dayton, Ohio’s Five Rivers MetroParks has installed a prefabricated, 20-foot FiberSPAN trail bridge in Germantown MetroPark.

Manufactured by Composite Advantage, the zero-maintenance Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) trail bridge spans a stream as part of a new trail construction project at the Germantown, Ohio park. The Dayton area’s Five Rivers MetroParks covers nearly 16,000 acres. Germantown MetroPark is considered one of the most diverse and significant natural areas managed by MetroParks.

“We were very impressed with the ease of installation of this product,” says Chris Pion, park project manager for Five Rivers MetroParks. The bridge was light enough to make installation easy in a remote location without the use of heavy equipment. It also was installed in just one hour in single-digit temperatures.

The fiberglass bridge was delivered to the site with curbs and steel railings attached; and meets the industry standard of 90 pounds per-square-foot pedestrian live load. CA engineers its fiberglass trail bridge and bridge deck products for superior strength, lighter weight and corrosion resistance to water and chemicals. These performance properties give the manufacturer’s bridge products a lifespan of 50-plus years.

Composite Advantage is a leading manufacturer of very large Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite parts, up to 52 feet, for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments. CA combines its unique knowledge, innovative design, field experience and efficient manufacturing processes to support its core products - zero maintenance bridges and bridge decks. CA’s other product lines include vehicle bridge decks to handle fully loaded 90,000-pound truck-trailers; temporary road mats for energy exploration; and waterfront infrastructure for US Navy bases.

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