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Flaris Lar 1 jet getting closer to take-off

News International-French

25 Feb 2015

Strength tests on the Flaris Lar 1 plane are almost complete. Tests are conducted at the Military University of Technology laboratory in parallel with tests of the jet’s systems at the airport.

These are the final ground tests. The next step is the jet’s maiden flight.

Two weeks ago the Flaris Lar 1 plane was transferred to Military Aviation Depot no. 2 (MAD2) in Bydgoszcz. Experts from Flaris and Metal-Master are performing further tests of the aircraft systems in the new location. They are examining automation of the powertrain, the fuel system, the hydraulic system and navigation. A team of test pilots led by pilot and engineer Henryk Szkudlarz is there too and, in collaboration with a team of MAD2 mechanical engineers, they are completing the final work, including balancing and levelling of the plane.

"We are starting production next year. After the flight tests the next stage will involve obtaining the required certification" – says Rafał Ładziński, the creator of Flaris and project director.

The jet was created by Metal-Master which manufactures technological lines and equipment for the automotive industry. The production of Flaris planes will be based on their previous experience in process automation and will implement the latest manufacturing technologies.

"I believe that in the next two or three decades the aviation industry will be taken over by international leaders in the automotive industry, whose current solutions are often way ahead of those used in aviation. We are already witnessing the birth of a new industry in Western Europe, which implements automotive technologies in the aviation industry. It is here, at the junction where science meets the leaders of the aviation and automotive industries, where new sectors are born" explains Rafał Ładzioski, head of R&D.