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Flaxpreg: a composite reinforced with very long flax fibres

News International-French

19 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Flaxpreg is a green and lightweight thermoset sandwich material reinforced with very long flax fibres that can be effectively used as a multi-position trunk loadfloor or structural floor in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. 

The prepreg FlaxTapes of about 120 g/m² that form the skins of the sandwich are unidirectionally-aligned flax fibre tapes, with acrylic resin in the example shown, easily handled without requiring any spinning or weaving step and thus without any negative out-of-plane crimping of the almost-continuous flax fibres.

The Flaxpreg project, developed by Faurecia together with PSA, Lineo and the University of Reims, aims to design structural trim parts following three objectives: a drastic weight reduction, the use of renewable resources and a process in line with automotive cycle times and material cost constraints. Thanks to the material’s very low density (1.45), combined with an adaptative 0°/90°/0° orientation of the FlaxTapes depending on the loading boundary conditions, the resulting excellent mechanical properties allow a 35% weight reduction compared to petro-sourced glass mat/PUR sandwich solutions (such as Baypreg).

The vibro-acoustic damping properties of FlaxTape skins are remarkable, with a damping loss factor close to 2%. Correlations between static experimental measurements and mechanical simulation using the finite element method with a homogenized honeycomb model will be presented besides the first results for creep and vibro-acoustic sandwich properties.

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