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A floorball stick made with spread tow carbon fabrics

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30 Dec 2014

Market floorball equipment manufacturer Unihoc presents one of the lightest floorball stick reinforced by TeXtreme.

By utilizing TeXtreme spread tow carbon fabrics, the stick weighs just 183 grams and is one of the lightest stick introduced to the market. 

TeXtreme spread tow carbon reinforcements are a kind of composite reinforcement suitable when looking to reduce weight and improve mechanical properties. Many sports have seen the use of TeXtreme make an impact on performance from Formula 1 racing, Americas Cup, advanced aerospace, bicycles. In addition, over 400 NHL players use sticks reinforced by this carbon fiber technology.

Companies utilizing the TeXtreme technology achieve better properties on weight, stiffness, strength, etc. on their composite products compared to those using standard carbon fiber materials.

The retail launch of the new Unihoc stick is set for June 2015.

About Unihoc:
In 1972 Unihoc was founded by the same man who invented floorball, Carl Åke Ahlqvist, and have been market leaders since the first day. Unihoc is a manufacturer of floorball equipment and serves customers in over 60 countries. Unihoc is located in Sweden, where the headquarters are, as well as in Germany and Switzerland.

About TeXtreme:
TeXtreme spread tow reinforcements is the ultimate choice for making ultra-light composites. TeXtreme technology is flexible and tow-size independent which enables development of optimized reinforcement solutions tailor-made for specific application needs. Utilization of this spread tow carbon fabrics and carbon UD tapes by manufacturers of advanced aerospace, industrial and sports products confirms that 20-30% lighter composite parts can be produced with improved mechanical properties and superior surface smoothness.

TeXtreme is a registered trademark owned by Oxeon AB. Founded in 2003, Oxeon has quickly established itself as the market leader in spread tow reinforcements with its products marketed under the brand name TeXtreme.

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