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Flow International introduces latest innovations in waterjet technology

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21 Dec 2011

The waterjet cutting specialist launches three new innovative products that set new performance standards for the waterjet industry, the Mach 4c, the Mach 2c and the HyPlex® Prime.  The Mach 4c is designed to optimize the production environment, the Mach 2c provides exceptional value, and the HyPlex® Prime is the most advanced direct drive pump available.

The Mach 4c is the newest addition to the Mach 4 line of waterjets and offers a variety of features that are unique in the waterjet industry including an expandable modular design, up to 14m (48’) in length, allowing customers to increase the size of the cutting area as their business grows. The system provides fast, accurate machine motion with zero backlash. The new Mach 4 is ergonomically designed to improve operator convenience and productivity with lighting to enhance work piece visibility, efficient abrasive removal, and easy access to material and parts with full four-sided accessibility. For more information, see



The Mach 2c is a value-priced machine tool optimized for either pure or abrasive waterjet cutting.  The motion control system offers up to 800 inches per minute cut speeds. Flow’s exclusive Dynamic Waterjet® is also available on the Mach 2c. Designed to eliminate taper errors and stream lag, Dynamic Waterjet brings unparalleled accuracy and speed to 2D cutting.   Whether cutting 3” thick steel plate or multi-stacked gasket material, the US made Mach 2c provides fast and accurate cutting at an exceptional price.



The new HyPlex Prime pump rated at 60,000 PSI combines elements of Flow’s patented HyperJet® seal technology with the efficiency of a direct drive.  With a highly modular design, it allows customized pump performance at a production-level, low price.  Its new compact pressure loading tool allows fast, accurate and repeatable maintenance.



About Flow International

Flow International Corporation is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology for cutting and cleaning. Flow provides state-of-the-art ultrahigh-pressure technology to numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, job shop, stone interiors, surface preparation, food and dozens more.