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Focus on the latest CFK-Valley Stade Convention

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15 Jun 2011

More than 400 international guests attended the 5th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention that took place 7-8 June on the topic of “ Automation - Simulation, Processes and Material Innovations”.

Focus on the latest CFK-Valley Stade Convention

Currently, CFRP is primarily applied in the field of aerospace and in the fuselage and wings of aircraft. In order to find application areas for CFRP across all branches of industry, manufacture, processing and application must become more cost effective. “Automation, Simulation, Processes and Material Innovations” were therefore the focus of the 5th International CFK-Valley Stade Convention that took place on 7-8 June in Stade and attracted a lot of interest: 438 participants, 20% of which were international guests (from the UAE, USA and all of Europe). A completely booked expert exhibition as well as first binding registrations for the next Convention in 2012 clearly reflected the positive atmosphere of this year’s CFK-Convention.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Herrmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CFK-Valley e.V. opened the 2-day, top-class lecture series and once again emphasized the issue of cost reduction in his opening words: “In order to replace as many metal parts as possible with this material of the future, costs must be reduced considerably - particularly if we want to enter other branches in addition to the aerospace industry”.

He pointed to important milestones in the achievement of this objective, such as the opening of CFK-NORD, Europe’s largest CFRP research center last year. Germany’s most important research establishments such as Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer IFAM) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR e.V.) work here hand in hand with market leaders such as DOW and EADS.


At the evening event participants of the CFK-Valley Convention could obtain information on current projects in CFK-NORD as well as current, sustainable solutions for the usage of CFRP.

 After visiting the CFK-Valley INFO-POINT the guests could enjoy a special kind of live presentation: A “colourfully painted ship” seemed to float weightlessly throughout the hall of the CFK-NORD research center. The almost three-ton heavy Dutch cabin cruiser was held by only four finger-thick ropes made of carbon-fiber reinforced polymers, thus impressively proving the unique properties of these black fibers.


A further highlight of the CFRP Convention was the bestowal of the coveted “Composite Innovations Award 2011”. The award is endowed with a scholarship valued at 18,000 Euro for the “Verbundwerkstoffe/Composites” course of studies that culminates with a Master of Science at the Private University of Applied Sciences Göttingen.

This year’s laureate is ZF Lemdörfer GmbH for its project “Hybrid Bremspedal in Verbindung mit endlosfaser-verstärktem Kunststoff” (hybrid brake pedal in connection with continuous fiber-reinforced polymer).



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