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Fontijne Presses’ solutions for low and high pressure molding

News International-French

25 Sep 2014

With their wide range of hydraulic laboratory platen press they can serve every segment of the plastics, rubber and composite industry.

Besides their LabEcon series, with Platen Presses built for basic pressing operations, they offer also custom made solutions by the name: LabPro Series.

Floating upper Platens for accurate low pressure
When low pressure is needed, Fontijne Presses can offer the perfect solution. The presses can be equipped with a floating upper platen controlled by a pneumatic system, which leads to an accurate pressure. This weight compensation system enables the press to heat up samples or moulds without or with very low pressure.
The closure time depends on the polymerization time and the resin in use. Pressure may be from 0–10 kN.
Another important feature of the press is the controllable speed system. At first, the approaching speed is high, then movements slow down for the last centimeters (mating speed). This slow speed is essential to ensure a good quality (dispersion of the reinforcement, elimination of the air and holes included).

High pressing operations
When high pressure is needed, for instance when working with advanced composite materials, Fontijne Presses can offer an hydraulic press which allows a standard press force of 1000 kN (working pressure 400 N/cm²) with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. Higher press forces and work temperatures are available upon request in special customer specific designed presses.

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