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Food contact chopped strands glass fibre grade for reinforcement of high temperature resins

News International-French

14 Mar 2014

3B-the fibreglass company is enhancing its broad range of short fibre reinforcements for high temperature resins with the launch of its DS 8800-11P. This new product has been designed to reinforce high temperature thermoplastics such as PES, PSU, PESU, PPS, PEI, PEEK...

In order to best leverage its properties in multiple applications including those in contact with aliments, DS 8800-11P has been designed to comply to most recent food and potable water contact norms such as FDA, EC 10/2011 and relative amendments also after their 31.12.2015 more restrictive applications, as well as to BfR LII and ACS norms.

DS 8800-11P exhibits good mechanical properties, especially stiffness and heat stability. On top of dry-as-moulded properties, the new grade shows good heat ageing and hydrolysis/glycolysis resistance.

The optimized dispersion behaviour of DS 8800-11P allows its usage in a wide range of resin viscosities, also at very high glass fibre loading (>55%).

A specific densification process allows for DS 8800-11P optimized bundle integrity and a bulk density that facilitate its handling. As a result this product exhibits an excellent feeding behaviour with a very limited fuzz generation.

In addition to food contact applications, 3B DS 8800-11P is designed for industrial applications including automotive (gears, bearing cages, thrust washers, etc.), mechanical engineering (rings, wheels, impellers, flow metre parts, pump components, etc.), aerospace (gear parts, etc.)

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