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Formaplex Composites Division increases capacity with 5-axis machines

News International-French

17 Oct 2014

The Composites Division has increased its pattern machining capacity with a £500,000 investment in two new CMS Antares 5-axis machines. 

The purchase of two new machining centres is a major investment in the future of the Composites Division. The new breed of F1 and aerospace work is heavily based around 5-axis machining as patterns have become more and more complex as a result of the availability of new processes and materials, and the addition of these two new machines, which are specifically designed for pattern work, will expand company's capacity in this area and ensure that their services and solutions remain equal to the task.

The Composites Division is already home to a range of cutting-edge technology, including 10 CNC machines, four of which are 5-axis CNC machines. The Division manufactures pattern moulds, direct moulds, vacuum jigs and components from various composite materials, and its clients are principally from the automotive, motorsport, aerospace and marine sectors.

Overall, the group’s manufacturing capacity has grown by over 600% since 2002. The purchase of these new 5-axis machines by the Composites Division follows a £750,000 investment in two new CMS Aries 4826 5-axis-machines in 2013. As with these machines, the new ones will be put into action immediately and integrated into our round-the-clock manufacturing service.

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