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Formax begins knowledge transfer programme with prestigious Nottingham university polymer composites group

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23 Jan 2013

Formax, a leading global manufacturer of carbon fibre and speciality reinforcements, has entered a knowledge transfer programme with the internationally acclaimed Polymer Composites Group. The group operates within the Materials, Mechanics and Structures Research Division of Nottingham University and focuses on the processing and performance of thermoset and thermoplastic matrices.

This collaboration between Formax and the Nottingham University Polymer Composites Group has been facilitated through the knowledge transfer partnerships scheme, a UK wide initiative that helps businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills. The two year project aims to develop a comprehensive material characterisation capability and advanced simulation methodology for composites. The programme will have a strong automotive focus.

“We are always searching for new innovations. To be working alongside such a prestigious and experienced team of researchers is fantastic. Over the coming year, we intend to invest time and resource into our product development and R&D functions to ensure we deliver the next generation of reinforcements to our customers”, comments Oliver Wessely, Managing Director of Formax UK Ltd.

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