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France showcases advanced composite solutions at JEC Americas

News International-French

18 Oct 2012

Composites Rhône-Alpes, the only competitiveness cluster for composites engineering in France, will promote 5 companies at the JEC Americas next month in Boston.

Each of the five exhibiting companies provides unique products and services related to plastics and composite materials, processing and manufacturing. They will be located in the French Pavilion during the JEC Americas event. Composites Rhône-Alpes is THE network of the composites industry in the Rhône-Alpes Region (France).Its founders (in 2009) are the leaders of innovation in composites in the Rhône-Alpes and include:

  • Compositec-the resource centre dedicated to composites
  • Plastipolis-the unique plastics cluster in France
  • Techtera-the innovation cluster for textiles and flexible materials in the Rhône-Alpes Region
  • Axelera-chemistry and environment France competitive cluster (joined  in 2011)

The Goal - The network's aim is to:
1) Unite and support companies and research organisations in the sector

  • Publicize their excellence, promote their innovations
  • Encourage the emergence of R&D projects to develop a sector that is innovative, competitive and resilient

2) Highly innovative and collaborative projects have resulted in several advances identified as follows:

  • CRISTAL: Automated process for the production of complex shapes using long fibers and high performance materials
  • MOC: To increase SMC/BMC processes sturdiness
  • AERDECO: Study and demonstration of a recycling process by solvolysis for aerospace composite wastes
  • MULTIHYBRID: To develop nanocomposites
  • NANOPOP: Development of organic/inorganic nanocomposite materials with piezoelectric and nonlinear optical (NLO) properties for sensors and transducer applications
  • IDTCO: To adjust clean processes
  • TIPCO: To developing textile reinforced mineral matrix composites and a large scale manufacturing process for construction applications
  • BIONICOMP: Bio-based composites or agri-composites; with potential applications in aeronautics, leisure and sports, textiles for protection and decoration



Founded in 1964 and now chaired by Hervé Courbis, the COURBIS Group consists of nine independent centers of expertise available in different technologies working in a wide range of industries including Automotive, Oil and Gas, Industrial Vehicles, Energy, Aeronautics, etc. COURBIS Group develops its own processes in liaison with a number of customers and suppliers which has resulted in the establishment of long term relationships. The Group employs a total of 250 people at 9 industrial sites located in Romans, Bourg-de-Péage (France), Trnava (Slovakia) and Beijing (China) with currently planned expansion into Brazil.

COURBIS transforms and machines various materials such as:

  • Polyurethane (Registered brand: COURBHANE®, casting and spraying processes)
  • Silicone (Registered brand: COURSIL®, casting process)
  • Composites (Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Hand lay-up)
  • PDCPD (Registered brand: MASTERSHOCK®, Reactive Injection Moulding (RIM)
  • All Thermoplastics (Injection moulding, Vacuum forming)


 Picture 1: COURBIS COURBHANE® Polyurethane examples


DIATEX, based near Lyon, France was founded in 1986 specializing in technical fabrics and supplies all types of bagging materialsused in Vacuum Moulding, Vacuum Infusion, RTM and RTM Light processes in composite-parts production. The DIATEX production site in the Rhône-Alpes region is located in the heart of the textile industry facilitating close quality control from start to finish. DIATEX ensures appropriate standards at each and every stage of the production of its technical “peel-ply fabrics”.


Our commitment to environmental protection and the health of product users is demonstrated by our "Eco Design" philosophy which has been established to meet customer requirements. Our aim is to manufacture a range of bagging materials which respect REACH standards; Oeko Tex Certification as ecologically harmless for humans. DIATEX is certified ISO 9001:2008, EN9100 V2009, and EN9120, placing it among the leading certified suppliers to the aerospace industry.


Picture 2: DIATEX Vacuum Moulding and Vacuum Infusion

SISE: Advanced Control Technologies


Founded in Oyonnax (French "Plastic Vallée") in 1971, SISE designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of products dedicated to temperature and process control.  Recently, SISE has taken its savoir-faire internationally with subsidiaries in the United States (Atlanta) and Germany (Stuttgart).  Additionally, our vast distribution network allows us to be present in over 25 countries worldwide. SISE offers one of the largest product ranges on the market for Oil applications, with standard heating powers ranging from 6kW to 200 kW for temperatures up to 350°C. SISE also builds skids to customer specifications, and is one of the world’s leaders in Very High Temperature and Very High Pressure TPC type applications (Tubes heated by Passage of Current)


Thanks to the joint expertise of SISE and PARMILLEUX (acquired in 2003), our oil mold temperature controllers (210/300/350°C), developed and built by SISE, fully comply with safety rules & regulations. These mold temperature controllers ensure a high quality of control in all high temperature applications requiring up to 200 kW of heating power. Example applications are large molds, double-layered tanks, calendering, heating plates, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical.