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Frimo and CMTT agree joint venture in the mixing heads field

News International-French

5 Dec 2014

The new joint venture will further boost the development and production of mixing heads.

By leveraging the new mixing head Joint Venture between Frimo and CMTT (Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co., Inc.) Frimo CEO Hans-Günter Bayer is setting the future course. Originally founded in Germany, CMTT now operates from the USA and focuses on constructing and producing high-pressure mixing heads. In recent decades, CEO Roland Höhne has been at the center of virtually all new developments and refinements made to relevant mixing head technologies in the global market, e.g. recirculation, transfer and nozzle technologies. Covelo is also a market leader when it comes to the materials applied, material matching or production methods and surface treatments.

“Thanks to this joint venture, Frimo and CMTT will be able to pool their accumulated expertise and swiftly make massive leaps forward to accelerate FRIMO product development. With its longstanding expertise and reputation in constructing and repairing mixing heads and having established its industry presence over the past four decades, CMTT is an ideal partner for us. We want to exploit these synergies. We are convinced that we will be able to offer very real benefits to our customers as a result, and in the very near future“, says Hans-Günter Bayer. “Moreover, future scope to leverage the global sales organization of Frimo will considerably improve our market access. The customer gains the most from this initiative, combining the expertise and strengths of both partners, namely from the high quality of the mixing heads and an excellent and expedited repair service to boot“, explains CMTT CEO Roland Höhne.

Because CMTT has proved itself for decades as one of the key global go-to companies when it comes to servicing and repairing all standard mixing head brands. With immediate effect, the service and repair scope will expand from Europe to also encompass America and Asia, where FRIMO currently manufactures its mixing and dosing units.