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FRP producer LAMILUX achieves two-digit growth and record sales of 158 million euros in 2012

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22 Mar 2013

The German-based LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group closed its business year with two-digit growth once more in 2012. This family-run business managed to earn 158 million euros in its two business units, LAMILUX Composites and LAMILUX Daylight Systems, meaning sales have increased by 10.5 per cent compared with the previous year.

This growth has enabled LAMILUX to continue its advancement based on internationalisation and sustainable development. This expansion is also signalled through recruitment: in 2012, LAMILUX took on almost 70 new employees and now features a workforce of nearly 600.

"Even though last year posed a number of risks due to the smouldering euro crisis, we were able to further consolidate our brand's strong position based on high product quality and expand our presence on national and international markets," declares Managing Partner Dr Heinrich Strunz.

Exports account for almost 60 per cent of LAMILUX product sales. "A large proportion of goods, produced exclusively at our home location Rehau, go abroad," affirms Dr. Strunz. Over the last few years, the company has followed a strategy of being represented through its own branches in many regions and thriving growth markets such as China or India and this strategy is now starting to bear fruit. "We are active in almost 40 countries. This range of markets ensures that the LAMILUX Group is less susceptible to regional economic fluctuations." The group has also achieved a good balance between domestic demand and export business.

Integrating employee focus daily as foundation for success

The company boss stresses strongly that LAMILUX sees itself as a family enter-prise which has committed itself to long-term, solid development. Dr Strunz: "We look beyond short-term business success towards a value-oriented corporate culture, in which our employees can rediscover themselves every day." LAMILUX won recognition for its Integrating employee focus daily policy last year, for example, with the Innovation award – Highly attractive FRP employer, given by the German Federation of Reinforced Plastics (AVK).

Innovations and superior quality

Yet another award was greeted with great enthusiasm at LAMILUX last year: the Product Innovation Award 2012 from the internationally renowned business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, presented for the development of an innovative, carbon-fibre-reinforced composite. "This award has confirmed that we are one of the world's innovation leaders among fibre-reinforced composite producers," affirms Dr Heinrich Strunz.


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