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FRP radar shield has been installed in Quanzhou meteorological station

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18 Mar 2014

Recently, the radar base and radar protective shield on the radar tower have been installed. And the "satellite pot" will also be installed soon.

In order to catch up with the flying time and put into operation before the next flood season, Quanzhou new generation weather radar system on Zhimao Hill has been under intensive construction.

The location is on the Zhimao Hill summit with an altitude of 452 meters. The spherical radar shield is completely painted in white, plus the radar tower also stands as high as 91.2 meters so people can see the radar tower from far away.

The radar shield looks like an eggshell with a diameter of 11.8 meters. It is composed of 86 pieces of white FRP. Each of the 86 FRPs has a unique number representing the position to be installed. All those 86 pieces of FRPs will be fixed by the large screws with a long service life of up to 20 years.

Weather radar is composed of the radar base and "satellite pot" two parts. The base diameter is 1 meter, the “satellite pot" not only can rotate by 360° circling, but also can pitch up and down by 19 degrees angling. The weather radar can detect the weather changes within a radius of 230 km tens of minutes to hours ahead of time.

After radar complete one working circle, the three-dimensional image will be sent in the form of the "radar echoes" to appear at the Quanzhou Meteorological Bureau computer. The radar rotating and pitching scanning time is 6 minutes, so every 6 minutes the radar will automatically transmit the weather data to the Bureau of Meteorology. In the extreme weather, it can also remotely control data transmission time to make sure the latest information.

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