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FRP sandwich pipe used in Gongxian underground network transformation

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7 May 2013

Recently, an underground transformation project has been taken off in Hedong and Hexi areas of Gongxian County, Yibing City, Sichuan Province.

Gongxian County government took the old city street underground pipe network transformation as a key project to improve the livelihood of the people and have consulted with experts and the local people on the detail of the transformation in the past few years.

They decided to invest over 7 million Yuan (US$ 1.17 million) for the pipe network transformation project and designed the new material of fiber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) mortar pipe.

FRP mortar pipe has better performance in corrosion resistance, compressive resistance compared to the original design of the underground concrete pipe network. And it is more environmental protective, and longer in service life.

The project has been started in March this year with the aim to upgrade the drainage pipe to the 21 sections in Gongxian County with a total length of 14 kilometers.

The whole project is expected to be completed before December this year. After the project completed and put into operation, it will greatly improve the sewage treatment rate, and lay a solid foundation for the improvement of residential environment in Gongxian County.

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