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Fukushima plans the world's largest offshore wind farm

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30 Jan 2013

Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Department of energy resources announced that Japan will carry on the offshore wind power generation experiment in Fukushima sea area.

The announcement was made during the renewable energy importation and promotion liaison meeting held in Fukushima Prefecture.

The Department of energy resources expects that there will be 6 floating wind turbines to be built on the sea area in 3 to 4 years to verify the power generation and applications. The department said that in the future, the number will be expanded to 100 wind turbines and to realize industrialization hence to build "the world's largest offshore wind power base".

The experimental plan is for a period of 5 years. The experimental wind turbine output power setting is 2000 kilowatts each. The location may be selected in Fukushima Prefecture Iwaki city and Hirono waters.

The Department of energy resources will include the investigation costs incurred before the end of 2012 at an amount of 12.5 billion yen (about US$ 169 million) in the 2011 Annual third revised budget.

In Europe, the offshore wind power generation has gained popularity. As a result of more distant shallow waters in Europe, so generally Europe wind power generation types are fixed turbine bases directly onto the bottom of the seabed.

In contrast, Japan's selection of floating wind power generation, the wind turbine is fixed on the bottom of the seabed by chains. For a country with less far shallow sea area, which is one of the more appropriate way of generating wind power in Japan.

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