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A fully-automated RTM production line

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11 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Further to the JEC 2011 show, Compose and its partners, Isojet and Pinette Emidecau, bid for a German public tendering for an aerospace R&D project led by DLR. The customer wanted to prove the feasibility of manufacturing complex net-shape parts in high volume using the RTM process.

Compose and its partners submitted a bespoken design for a fully-automated RTM production line. The offer included a RTM mould, a hot-platen press, an injection system, a venting system, a robot, a preparing station and the transfer system.

This automated RTM production line allows increased production rates. In this case, the customer wants to reach a challenging goal of 100,000 parts/year. The production parameters are monitored, controlled and recorded for each part, therefore improving production quality, and production costs are reduced. The RTM production line has been set up in the DLR’s Centre for Lightweight Production Technology in Stade. It could be a solution to broaden the use of composites in the industry, open up new markets and meet high-volume requirements (aerospace, automotive).

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