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Fully recycled cradle-to-cradle Snowboard

News International-French

27 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The first demonstration of a sustainable, cradle-to-cradle high performance snowboard, by Niche. Made with Entropy Resins' bio-based epoxy resin and Connora's Recyclamine Hardener.

Built and tested by Niche Snowboards using reclaimed plastics, steel, and sustainble wood cores. The snowboard will be chemically recycled, and reclaimed composite materials will be repurposed for reuse.

Connora's Recyclamine Technology enables the recycling of thermoset plastic composites. Connora has developed a proprietary green chemistry platform that will enable composite manufacturers meet their cost reduction & regulatory compliance needs in the fast growing composites industry. Connora will provide the recyclable thermoset resin that allows the full composite product to be reclaimed and recycled.

Our innovation represents the combined evolution of performance composites materials and bio-based materials. The use of more sustainable and recyclable composites will help manufacturers lower their carbon footprint and provide an end of life solution. The ability to recycle thermoset resin composites will likewise help composite manufacturers improve costs by allowing them to reclaim and reintegrate manufacturing waste into their products, and meet regulatory compliance on waste disposal. This recyclable snowboard application represents just the beginning of more sustainable and recyclable high performance composites.

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