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Fully sustainable cellulose fiber from by-products of the lumber industry

News International-French

25 Sep 2013

In less than ten month of commercialisation, more than one million pounds (453,600kg) have been sold off.

The fibers are made by a physical transformation of pure cellulose fibrils into continuous, non-twisted yarns, containing 900 filaments of 11µm each. BioMid fiber has an appearance very similar to glass fiber, but with almost half the weight or roughly the same density as aramid fiber.

The sales were generated overwhelmingly through word-of-mouth marketing and have exceeded forecasted projections.

Due to the stable production, abundant supply of feedstock and considerable production capacity, the marketing plan has been brought forward to include more mainstream markets. From October 2013, BioMid can be seen at:

  • JEC Americas, Boston:
    - A&P Technologies, Booth E13 for braided products
    - Absecon Industries, Booth D26 for woven fabrics
    - Engineered Fiber Technologies, Booth C35 for precision short cut fiber
    - National Research Council of Canada, Booth M23 for - innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services
    - Saertex USA, Booth J20 for NCF fabrics
  • KCS Korea Composites, Seoul, ENC International, BioMid fiber and fabrics

According to HR Hwang, President of ENC International Corp, Seoul, Korea, “We are looking forward to seeing which applications our fiber ultimately becomes a part of. Even at these early stages, BioMid can be found in all the major segments and a wide range of niche segments of the Composite Industry.”

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