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Functional fillers boost performance range of polymers

News International-French

6 Feb 2014

Based on naturally occurring and synthetic minerals such as quartz, wollastonite, kaolin or mica, HPF The Mineral Engineers’comprehensive range of high-performance fillers can impart plastics properties as optical properties and thermal conductivity.

At JEC 2014 in Paris, this division of the QuarzwerkeGroup will show latest additions to their portfolio, including Silatherm to increase the thermal conductivity of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, the afterglowing Silglow filler, and Microspar, a filler for films and dental applications.

  • Silatherm improves the thermal conductivity of compounds withoutdowngrading their electric insulating properties. Facing an ongoing miniaturization, typical applications include electronic devices, containing anever increasing number of components with a high energy density. Silatherm helps to ensure their long-term reliability by efficiently dissipating the resulting heat.
  • Featuring a special inorganic coating of very high mechanical and thermal stability, the Silglow filler absorbs daytime sunlight or light from any othersource and emits it in the dark. Polymers as well as colors and lacquers thusreceive a long-term luminescence. Typical applications of Silglow include creative designs and security technology.
  • Microspar is a feldspar powder, which improves the anti-blocking properties of films, without significantly affecting their optical properties. Thanks to itshigh UV transmission, this filler is also suitable for agricultural film production. Finely ground grades of Microspar were especially developed for dentalapplications.

In close cooperation with their customers, the interdisciplinary teams of HPF TheMineral Engineers develop efficiency improving solutions for the entire area of filled plastics. With its experienced employees, HPF provides short-term and flexible answers to new issues and products. At the refining plant, units of various sizes are available for the processing of mineral raw materials. Minerals ranging from a few millimeters down to a few hundred nanometers can there be crushed and surface modified.

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