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Functionalization of biosourced reinforcement materials

News International-French

6 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - With a complete range of biosourced reinforcement materials (fibres, rovings, unidirectionals…), FRD is a gateway to bio-composites.

FRD’s research focuses on the functionalization of materials in order to develop higher performance composites. Controlling specific surface properties depending on the application is a major objective of the SINFONI project (2013-2017) led by FRD. To this end, the company worked on several strategic functionalization areas:

  • Fire protection:  treatments applied to woven flax fabrics have resulted in composites with the same burning behaviour as with glass fibres.
  • Hydrophobization: an effective solution was developed to treat woven and nonwoven flax fabrics, which are hydrophilic by nature.
  • Optimisation of the fibre/matrix interface: several treatments already effective at the laboratory scale can increase tensile strength and impact resistance by more than 40%.

Innovative solutions that are also economically viable now need to be found and industrialized. To this end, functionalization equipment is being installed in the FRD-Lab technological platform. This investment will make it possible to present a range of innovative reinforcement materials on a larger scale, offering new opportunities for bio-composites.

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