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FunderMax and Johns Manville develop m.look

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27 Jun 2013

Johns Manville has teamed up with the Austrian producer of wood-based and composite construction materials FunderMax to develop m.look – a facade panel based on special Evalith glass fibre nonwovens and impregnation resins.

m.look is a joint development of FunderMax (a leading specialist for wood based products and laminates) and Johns Manville (a specialist for glass fiber nonwovens). m.look is a facade panel, fulfilling all requirements for fire class A2, while continuing to offer the full variety of decors for which FunderMax is known in the market. In this way, m.look opens new dimensions for design freedom in areas where this was unthinkable before.

During the new product development stage, the partners replaced the cellulose - based papers that are utilized in current compact panels with a non-inflammable alternative. Technical and economical evaluations have shown that glass fiber nonwovens offer the best solution for this quest. The companies’ European organizations, as well as the Johns Manville Technical Center in Littleton, CO (USA), were responsible for this project.

FunderMax brought its long-standing competencies for sophisticated resin recipe developments to the impregnation of the core glass mat layers, which was crucial for the fire retardant properties of the product. FunderMax developed resins that are capable of withstanding the most-severe tests for alternating climatic environments.

Johns Manville, in turn, was responsible for the development of special functional layers made out of glass fiber nonwovens. For this purpose, whole sequences of the manufacturing process had to be re-designed. Process modules had to be re-adjusted. This resulted in glass fiber nonwovens that, through their novel properties, open up completely new areas of application.

Both innovations together make m.look peerless and were jointly handed in for patent application.

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