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Future Fibres launches continuous FlexC lateral rigging

News International-French

21 Nov 2013

Building on flexible carbon core technology, the company offers one of the most flexible continuous carbon lateral system on the market.

Continuous FlexC completes Future Fibres lateral rigging portfolio and provides a high performance, aero carbon package with the impact resistance, coilability, and handling benefits of a dry fibre system. 

Continuous solid carbon will offer good performance (minimum weight and windage) versus other composite technologies. However this does come at a price in terms of practical handling of the product both on and off the water. Following issues in the early stages of the last Volvo Ocean Race, Future Fibres temporarily discontinued the supply of continuous solid carbon due to concerns about the robustness of the bonded vertical/diagonal junction.

In response to the transportation and general handling issues associated with a fully continuous solid carbon lateral set, Future Fibres Removable Diagonal System (RDS) offers an exciting alternative. A full length solid carbon vertical cap shroud with separate diagonals creates a system that has the same optimised cable diameters but the ability to easily and safely store the cap along the length of the mast tube when the rig is on the ground, while the diagonals can be taken away and stored safely. This system was thoroughly proven in the last Volvo and the set installed on Abu Dhabi in Cape Town completed over 30,000 miles during the race and is still on the boat today being used for training for the next edition. Following its success in the Volvo, Future Fibres RDS has been installed on a range of performace boats (e.g. the superyachts Swan 112 Anemos and RP45m Visione, the mini-maxi RP72 Shockwave and TP52 Provezza).

Continuous FlexC offers a performance carbon package which, due to its excellent ease of handling, is ideally suited to race boats racing a busy regatta circuit, requiring frequent de-stepping & transportation of the rig by road or ship. The launch of this product is the result of Volvo experience and subsequent redevelopment of continuous solid carbon product.

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