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FXply prepreg technology: conventional turns functional

News International-French

8 Mar 2016

Sponsored Innovation report - Adamant Composites is introducing to the composites market functional prepregs utilizing its innovative FXply prepreg technology

In close cooperation with the University of Patras, under the requirements set by the European Space Agency, the company developed the FXply prepreg technology, which enables conventional prepregs to become functional. The technology is based on proprietary material design know-how and in-house processing technology.

With this disruptive technology, the composites, apart from the established performance of the prepreg material (e.g. strength), can have new targeted functionalities such as electrical, thermal or healing properties. FXply prepregs are the inevitable step towards multifunctional composite structures. Already demonstrated, a 9x increase in electrical conductivity in the out-of-plane direction was measured (leading to the FXply-EL prepreg series). A pilot line is currently being developed to enable fast screening and trials on a variety of prepregs, a multitude of material combinations to address a plethora of markets.

The innovation is a result of R&D in the field of aeronautics and space but FXply prepreg technology is applicable to nearly any prepreg in the market: aerospace, automotive, marine, sports and out-of-autoclave grades. Adamant Composites can develop specific FXply formulations for demanding applications. FXply prepreg demonstrators will be showcased at JEC World 2016.

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