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Gamesa 48 MWatt wind power project landed in Anshan

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27 Feb 2012

Anshan city's first wind power project in Tanan Samrin Wind Farm Project recently approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission, agreed Gamesa ( Beijing) Wind Energy System Development Company Limited to carry out preparatory work, expected in two years, Anshan will for the first time use renewable clean wind power.

Samrin wind farm project is located in the northwest territory of Taian Samrin Town, project planed installed capacity is 48 MW, mounting 24 stand-alone 2000 KWs of wind power turbines, a total investment of about 470 million Yuan. Construction period is about a yea. By 2014, it will supply to the Northeast power grid with high quality wind power, Anshan region is expected to give priority. The wind farm project has the capacity of annual power 106 million KWH generations, annual savings of 67000 tons of standard coal, and brings considerable economic income and huge social benefit.

At present, there are a number of overseas wind power investment companies established wind tower, long-term measurement situation in the city with better wind energy resources, such as Haicheng, Taian villages and towns, look forward to the proper time to proceed with the development of wind energy resource.



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