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Gamesa gambles in China low speed wind market

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30 Jul 2012

Spain Gamesa announced in a high-profile that they will enter the Chinese low speed wind market with their G10X-4.5MW.

From the end of last year, China National Energy Bureau began to encourage the development of low speed wind and distributed wind power. The large Wind Turbine science and technology R&D has been included in the China support programs. G10X-4.5MW has just met these conditions.


China national available low speed wind resource area accounts for about 68% of the national total wind energy resources. And the low speed wind areas are all close to the power grid load receiving area.


Large Wind Turbine high-power inevitably brings big size of the equipments. This brought the increasing difficulties in logistics and additional cost for products transportation.


Based on the general convenience of the global production, installation, operation and maintenance considerations, Gamesa G10X-4.5MW Wind Turbine achieved modular design, and the realization of the transport and logistics optimization.


Gamesa concrete/steel structure mixing tower used modular concrete tower plate specially designed for this platform structure. It simplifies the transportation requirements, reduces the field assembly constraints.


Compare with the same height tower, it significantly reduced the tower costs. G10X-4.5MW Wind Turbine has created an Innoblade segmented blades. The longest module does not exceed 35 meters. It can be transported through the common highway without the need for additional resources.


G10X-4.5MW Wind Turbine single module weight is lighter than the G9X-2MW Wind Turbine cabin, can use convenient transportation and installation method similar to the Gamesa G9X-2MW platform wind field.


The unique Gamesa Flexfit additional crane can directly fix in the cabin. This simplifies and expedites the maintenance assembly process. In the large Wind Turbine development, Gamesa has started a local supply chain development. Some of the Wind Turbine main parts depend on the development of China local suppliers.


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