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GBT USA launches new facility for wind rotor blades in Indiana

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14 Sep 2011

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel joined officials from GBT USA on the 13th of September to announce the company’s plans to launch a molds, tooling and prototyping manufacturing facility for wind rotor blades in Evansville, Indiana.

GBT USA is the North American subsidiary of Global Blade Technology; a Netherlands based engineering company focused on design and production of custom wind rotor blades. GBT will lease and equip over 45,000 square feet of space in the Park 41 industrial park in Evansville. This new space will house the company’s engineering, design, and consultancy offices as well as the operation to manufacture blade molds and tooling. The plan also includes prototype and limited series blade production capacity, with space for tools and blades in excess of 100 meters.


“Finding and building new sources of alternative energy is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s world,” said Indiana governor Mitch Daniels. “GBT’s work will create next generation energy components and parts, advance our state’s growing wind power industry and create new opportunities for workers in southern Indiana.”


GBT USA also has future plans for the construction of an additional 200,000+ square foot facility for full series production of rotor blades. The full scale manufacturing plan includes capabilities for advanced technology blades targeted toward offshore wind as well as highly specialized small and medium wind applications. This plant will be production ready as the wind market continues its recovery and the appropriate demand levels return.


“GBT USA is capitalizing on an underserved segment of the North American wind energy market, with focus on advanced technology tooling and manufacturing processes,” said Dan Oberle, General Manager of GBT USA. “Evansville is an ideal location to serve the industry as it is centrally located to the massive wind farms of the Midwest and the flurry of offshore activity to the east and south.”


GBT is also announcing a developmental partnership with Aeronautica Windpower, LLC of Plymouth MA. This contract will be to produce the production molds, tooling, and prototype 26 meter blades for the AWP 54-750 wind turbine targeted for community and distributed generated wind applications. GBT will produce the entire manufacturing process for Aeronautica.


“Plans are still developing for the long term production vendor of our new blade, but by supplying the molds and prototypes, GBT is enabling us to hold true to our conviction of being 100% made in America. ,” says Walt Wunder, President of Aeronautica. “Their Indiana location is ideal for our upcoming 54-750 installations in Ohio. This effort continues to show Aeronautica’s commitment to help other small businesses in America to get off the ground and show the world that we have resiliency and determination to compete in industries of the future.”


According to the American Wind Energy Association, the fast-growing wind energy industry has added more than 35% of all new energy-generating capacity in the U.S. over the past four years, more than coal and nuclear power combined. GBT USA hopes to take advantage of the expanding U.S. wind energy market and help it continue to grow with their new facility’s manufacturing capabilities.


Founded in 2009, Global Blade Technology is headquartered in Wieringerwerf, The Netherlands, with operations in India and the United States. GBT USA was incorporated in 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and focuses on designing and producing custom rotor blades for wind turbine generators for customers around the world.


About Global Blade Technology
Global Blade Technology is an engineering company focused on wind rotor blades, including design, tooling, and manufacturing technology. GBT does fundamental process and materials research, mold production, and advanced blade manufacturing systems. GBT was incorporated in the Netherlands in 2009, and has a depth and wealth of experience in rotor blade technology. The company is headquartered in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands, with operations in Vadodara, India, and Cincinnati, Ohio (now Evansville IN).


About Aeronautica Windpower
Aeronautica Windpower is a mid-scale wind turbine sales and marketing company owning exclusive manufacturing and sales rights to the Norwin line of wind turbines. Headquartered in Plymouth Massachusetts, the company was founded in 2008 initially as a wind turbine refurbishment purveyor. In 2009, the company acquired the license rights to manufacture and sell the Norwin wind turbines exclusively in the US and Canada. With the first turbines delivered in May, 2011, Aeronautica is now able to officially claim to be the only mid-scale wind turbines to be made in America.

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