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Gelcoats for maintenance and repair of composite pools

News International-French

17 Nov 2015

Dilutec, a Brazilian manufacturer of gelcoat, offers two products developed for the maintenance of pools: Colorgel ISO/NPG and Colorpatch.

Colorgel ISO/NPG is used in both the repair of composite pools and the conversion of brickwork models (finished in ceramic tile or vinyl) into composites. The second product is a type of additive mainly used in repairs and repainting of small areas.

According to Marcos Pannellini, commercial manager of Dilutec, the repair of swimming pools with Colorgel ISO/NPG is more advantageous than the maintenance with polyurethane-based enamel paints.

Pannellini says that there is plenty of divergent information available in the pool maintenance segment, which ends up causing, after the completion of the repair, the dissatisfaction of the end customer.

A proof of this can be seen on the day-to-day of New Piscinas, a company from Goiás specialized in the manufacture and recovery of various types of pools. Throughout this year, New Piscinas transformed approximately 80 brickwork pools into composite pools. When the original pool is made of composites and the gelcoat is worn out, says Souza, simply sand it and apply a new layer of the product.

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