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German Bionic unveils new power suit made of carbon fiber

News International-French

22 Jun 2020

German Bionic, specialized in the development of robotic exoskeleton, presents one of the latest generation of its smart power suit.

German Bionic image

German Bionic image
Made of ultra-light carbon fiber, the 4th generation Cray X supports workers when lifting heavy loads of up to 28 kg by actively amplifying their movements and thus protecting the lower back from excessive strain. With its integrated cloud interface, it connects to the industrial Internet of Things and the Smart Factory. Automatic OTA software updates and predictive maintenance ensure maximum availability. By means of standard APIs the intelligent power suit can be connected to any Smart Factory ecosystem and thus helps to boost productivity as well as the health and safety. Furthermore, by deploying the Cray X, companies also save costs by significantly reducing the risk of injury and the associated expenses of employee absenteeism.

Armin G. Schmidt, CEO of German Bionic, says:

"With the 4th generation of our connected Cray X robotic exoskeleton, we are once again setting the standards for the entire exoskeleton industry worldwide. Particularly system-relevant industries, such as logistics and freight, which have been under enormous pressure since the beginning of the pandemic, can now strengthen their employees backs with our new devices."