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German manufacturers led the EU offshore wind market

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3 Aug 2012

According to European Wind Power Industry Association (EWEA) recent released data, in the offshore wind power field, Germany still maintains its leading position.

In the first half of this year, only Siemens, REpower and Bard three German companies have installed the new Wind Turbines.


Siemens is still way ahead of its in Germany competitors. Its installed capacity accounted three fourths in the European offshore wind power installed capacity. REpower has ranked the second accounted for 22%.


Overall, the EU member nations offshore wind power installed capacity accounted for more than 50% of the global total.


Since 2003, the BARD Group has stood at the forefront in developing new offshore energy resources. We take innovative action and combine highly sophisticated technologies with sustainable climate protection. BARD is a pioneer in the development and realisation of cutting-edge offshore wind energy deployment.


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