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Germany’s engine for the sustainable implementation of CFRP in the country’s leading industries

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20 Jan 2016

Leading industries will be inplemented with CFRP: Machine and Plant Manufacture, Automotive and Aerospace

Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV) is the largest German-speaking association of companies and research institutes covering the entire value-added chain of high-performance fibre composite materials. CCeV networks research and business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The association concentrates interests of a large variety of companies, such as Airbus, Boeing, BMW, Audi, Voith, Kuka and another 270 members, in order to solve material-based issues they all have in common.

CCeV is a competence network designed to promote the use of fibre composite materials. The activities of CCeV are aligned with the product group “Marketable high-performance fibre composite structures”. The focuses concentrate on fibre composite structures with plastic matrices, which are familiar to the general public from many applications, as well as on fibre composite structures with ceramic matrices with their higher temperature and wear resistances.

CCeV was founded in 2007 and has today around 280 members, including 54 research establishments, 45 large concerns, 138 small and medium-sized companies, 30 associated members and six supporting organisations. With this tremendous network and its headquarters in Augsburg, CCeV became an important strategic partner for JEC Group, as both networks have their foundation and mission in common: to boost the use of composites.