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Gilmar Lima is re-elected president of ALMACO

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24 Dec 2015

General director of MVC Soluções em Plásticos, Gilmar Lima was reelected president of the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO). 

In effect for three years, the new term includes Sérgio Falcão, sales leader of Owens Corning, as first vice president, and Sandro Leonhardt, senior market and business development manager at LORD Latin America, as second vice president.

“We have finished the last period ahead of ALMACO with the feeling of accomplishment. We strictly followed our strategic plan, and the final balance is positive. Of course we would like to have done more, especially in relation to the construction of the Center of Excellence in Composites, which would increase our portfolio of solutions and services,” said Lima.

According to him, as the main achievements of his administration are the production of market data, the expansion of ALMACO – the entity currently has offices in Argentina, Chile and Colombia – and the creation of the Top of Mind, the industry’s main award. “Another highlight was the organization, in 2012, of Compocity, the composites city, the development of recycling and reverse logistics programs, the availability of postgraduate courses and the partnership with JEC Group,” he lists.

On the negative side, Lima regrets that it was not possible to establish the financial stability required to keep the association more active. “This limited our capacity to invest more strongly in market growth.”

According to the president of ALMACO, the planning for the next administration is still under review, but the basic guidelines include the generation of cash for new investments; increased representativeness of the association in Latin America, including the creation of a subsidiary in Mexico; construction of the Center of Excellence in Composites; intensification of actions focused on the dissemination, capacity building, development and creation of new solutions for specific market niches; extended relationship with major composite users, popularizing the material; consolidation of the partnership with JEC Group; viability of Compocity as a fair concept in 2017/2018 and investments in continuing education.

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