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GKN Aerospace awards contract to Exova

News International-French

28 Oct 2013

An aerospace laboratory of global testing group Exova has signed a five-year agreement with GKN Aerospace, to  provide a testing programme for parts of the new Airbus A350 XWB aircraft.

The contract, with GKN Aerospace’s Western Approach facility at Bristol, will see Exova’s Bridgwater laboratory  providing production release testing for all of the Airbus A350 XWB composite wing spars.

Testing of each aircraft’s six spar sections will be carried out utilising a range of composite testing methods. Exova Bridgwater is part of the group’s global network of laboratories which carry out a range of testing services for the aerospace sector including non-destructive testing, failure analysis, corrosion testing, materials selection and composite testing.

Mark Eldridge, general manager of Exova Bridgwater, said: “Exova has worked closely with GKN Aerospace over a long period to perfect the A350 XWB’s aft composite spar and fixed trailing edge material properties. This contract marks the strong relationship between both parties and underlines the technically demanding testing programme completed to date. Following the successful maiden flight of the A350 XWB in June, we now have a strong platform for growth as the A350 XWB build programme develops over the next five years and beyond.”