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Glass-filled polyamide powders for functional prototyping

News International-French

15 May 2014

Solvay Engineering Plastics introduces a 40% glass-filled grade of its range of Sinterline polyamide 6 powders designed for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). 

The new material meets a growing demand for higher-performance rapid prototyping and low-volume series applications in China and other Asian markets, with a focus on engineering plastics applications in automotive under-the-hood components, electrical and consumer goods.

Based on the same resin chemistry as Solvay’s established Technyl polyamides, Sinterline delivers prototyping parts with functional properties and bridges the gap between visual prototyping and injection molded PA6 or PA6.6 components.

This opens significant time and cost savings for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers e.g. in the automotive industry, as it can provide more predictable results in functional prototype testing, minimise the need for pre-production tooling and thus speed the way from design to market. In addition, Sinterline also has an ideal fit in small-series PA6 applications, such as for heavy-duty vehicles, motorsports and automotive aftermarket parts.

In addition to superior mechanical performance under demanding thermal conditions, the new 40% glass-filled Sinterline powder grade introduced at Chinaplas exhibits a tensile modulus of 6300 MPa at 23°C, combined with a low porosity level of only 1,8%, without compromising the surface aspect and resolution delivered by unfilled Sinterline.

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