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Glass reinforcement helps meet fire classification requirements

News International-French

11 Feb 2014

Chomarat develops Rovicore FR to meet requirements for the hazard level (HL) under the new European fire classification standard for train materials that will enter into effect in 2016.

Developed by Chomarat, Rovicore FR (Fire Resistant) is a glass fiber based reinforcement for sandwich materials that complies with the hazard level (HL) classifications under the EN 45545 standard, the new European benchmark for fire protection on railway vehicles. Parts made of this material successfully passed the FIRST tests (Flame spread, Ignitability, Rate of heat release, Smoke opacity and Toxicity of smoke) and met the most stringent certification requirements for vehicles that travel underground (metro, rapid-transit trains, sleeper trains).

Rovicore FR (Fire Resistant) is the latest addition to the Rovicore line, providing a solution for the manufacturing of fire-resistant composite parts. It is dedicated more specifically to interior components for railway vehicles and for construction. It has a core that is halogen free to minimize the toxicity of smoke in case of fire.

Like all the other products in the line, it is especially adapted to closed mold processes, including RTM and RTM Light. Its specific core construction makes it especially effective in low-pressure injection processes.

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