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A+ Glide Forming: automated manufacturing process

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6 Mar 2019

A+ Glide Forming is a new continuous process used to form CFRP stringers with complex contours in only one shot. This is a versatile, high-productivity and low-investment forming solution.

A+ Glide Forming: automated manufacturing process

A+ Glide Forming: automated manufacturing process

New composite airplane structures are made out of panels reinforced with stringers, either frames or ribs. Typical fuselage stringers are omega sections, while T stringers tend to be used in the wings. Stringers are usually long, narrow parts. Fuselage stringers can be 4 to 12 metres in length, and wing stringers up to 40 metres in a large airplane.

Key Benefits:
> Quality: able to form high-quality long contoured parts “wrinkle-free”
> High flexibility: one single machine for many different stringers
> Cost efficiency: high productivity, one single machine for different shapes
> Energy saving: no tool heating required, very simple tool and process

The A+ Glide Forming technology was developed to form long and curved stringers from flat, full-thickness prepreg lay-ups made on Automated Tape Lay-up (ATL) or Advanced Fibre Placement (AFP) machines. This innovative technology can be used to form curved stringers with different sections, lengths, thicknesses and curvatures using a single machine that accepts different tools.

This innovation has been selected as a finalist for the JEC Innovation Awards 2019 in the Aerospace category. The JEC Innovation Awards - organized by the JEC Group - are recognized as the industry’s most prestigious awards that identify, promote and reward the most innovative composite projects worldwide. The award winners will be announced during JEC World 2019 on 13 March at 4.30pm.

Applus+ Laboratories will showcase their innovation at JEC World 2019 at Booth P85, Pavilion 6