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Global Caravan Technologies to build first carbon fiber recreational vehicle

News International-French

15 Oct 2013

A futuristic green recreational vehicle (RV) will soon be on display to the public, as RV innovator Global Caravan Technologies (GCT) has announced that collaborations are underway to introduce the world’s first carbon fiber RV, called ‘CR-1 Carbon’. GCT’s collaborations include the advice and expertise of IndyCar manufacturer Dallara.

Designed with an aerospace and supercar-inspired monocoque structure and connected vehicle technology, GCT’s CR-1 Carbon is part of a series of upcoming product launches that will feature travel trailers and fifth wheels, then motorhomes and specialty vehicles. The CR-1 Carbon will be unveiled mid-December from Dallara’s IndyCar Factory showroom in Speedway, Indiana during the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, held in Indianapolis.

Patent-pending exterior designs will reveal distinct body lines and new features for an RV.

GCT has strategically engaged firms from the automotive, aerospace, and motorsports fields , including Dallara, one of the world’s largest producers of racing cars. Headquartered in Italy and in the USA, Dallara provides consultancies to advanced automotive and aerospace industries. GCT is integrating Dallara’s storied history of racing and composite expertise into RV manufacturing.

About Global Caravan Technologies:
Global Caravan Technologies, Inc. is a luxury RV and specialty vehicle innovator by focusing on design, innovation, and sustainability. GCT has established a facility next to the Dallara IndyCar Factory in Speedway, Indiana to affirm its commitment to continuous innovation.

About Dallara USA:
Dallara is a world - leader in the design a nd manufacture of racing cars . In July 2012, Dallara gave the strongest possible indication of its commitment to the US market by opening the Dallara IndyCar Factory in Speedway, Indiana. The center is a fully functioning R&D facility and a consultancy partner to the US automotive, aerospace, and motorsports industries.
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