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Global real-time process monitoring and quality control

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14 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - A global process monitoring system for complete real-time monitoring of composites processing will be presented for the first time this year.

Resin cure (OPTIMOLD), resin flow (OPTIFLOW) and temperature are being monitored with the same software (OPTIVIEW) using a variety of durable and disposable sensors.

Using special modules, it is possible to monitor in real-time the resin’s Tg, degree of cure and viscosity or faulty conditions such as an incorrect mixing ratio or resin ageing in the mould cavity, in the die, at the feeding lines or in the resin pot/bath. For example, the industrial use of OPTIMOLD in a high-speed RTM production can reduce cure cycle time by 40%. Individually, OPTIMOLD and OPTIFLOW have been used successfully in RTM, Light RTM, vacuum infusion and pultrusion production and can be readily used in other processes such as autoclaves, filament winding and SMC.

With systems already installed in aerospace, automotive, industrial and wind-energy applications at leading manufacturing companies, as well as world-class research centres and famous universities, the new global process monitoring system aims to provide a total solution for process optimisation, quality control and real-time process control in high-end composite applications.

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